Creating the PEAK Standard

The Gateway @PEAK is a mixed-use development and as such will set new standards for sustainable tourism.  Along with its ambitious vision for customer experience, its sustainability credentials will be setting a new standard. PEAK’s strategic partners are setting up the Accreditation Tool as a means to evaluate and tender everything before it is implemented and during its operation.  Thus setting a solid foundation from which to constantly measure both carbon emissions and visitor happiness and satisfaction. The PEAK’s Journey to Zero Standard will enable constant improvement as evidence and technology allows.

By utilising the new ‘PEAK standard’ ESG metric comparison tool, the Gateway @PEAK’s sustainability goals will be completely transparent on pre-defined industry sector standards. PEAK will be able to share performance and improvements with stakeholders and visitors alike as well as quantify its offset on a long-term basis. 

The University of Derby, one of the UK’s leading hospitality and tourism institutions will bring leading thinkers and applied learning students into the Gateway. With the project team, it has identified a number of workstreams which will ensure leading edge thinking: – Defining world-leading initiatives around sustainable tourism – Sustainable design principles for the Gateway development itself, landscape led development, whole life carbon analysis and materials selection – circular economy – Data collection and performance monitoring – Geotechnics and geosciences – Environmental impact assessments and biodiversity planning. 

In addition, The Gateway will create 1,000 local jobs and the project will generate Social Value by introducing a programme of initiatives within the local community and beyond throughout the planning, design and construction programmes and the delivery supply chains.