Our mission is to develop and reimagine places in an environmentally sustainable way. We provide lasting value for communities and investors by pushing boundaries, being creative, innovative and collaborative.

Our approach to any two projects is never the same. Always aligning interests with our partners, we seek specialists that will add credibility and expertise to any project, helping guide all our teams through proven methodologies, measurable outcomes and setting ambitious goals which go well beyond the regulatory minimums.

Environmental: Sustainable + Regenerative

Our focus for developments is to be both sustainable and regenerative, designing today with full consideration for what will happen tomorrow. We will aim for net zero schemes recognising the interdependency between reducing carbon emissions and restoring biodiversity, with a nature-first mindset. We aim to create circular economies and zero-waste standards in order to protect our natural resources and optimise energy efficiency.

  • The Project Framework will set real performance targets for the core environmental aspects of the project. These targets will be used to form part of the project brief and the projects environmental KPIs. The targets will be practical and functional objectives which can be easily measured.
  • The Project Framework focus areas are: Net Zero Carbon; Climate Resilience; Limiting Waste; Sustainable Transportation; Supply Chain Management & Health and Wellbeing
  • Industry certification standards will be referenced within the project framework. Where Clients, Partners, Funders require adherence to specific industry standards, these will be embedded into the project framework. We may work to multiple standards or create bespoke standards which meet the requirements of recognised standards.

Social: Inspired + Thriving

We develop alongside each community, listening and being collaborative. Our social aims are to be fully inclusive, support the next generation and improve wellbeing through connection with nature. We aim to provide opportunities and address issues of inequality giving people purpose within their communities and inclusive, healthy and safe spaces.

Our process for driving social value outcomes covers:

  • A local needs analysis
  • A strategy in line with the development programme
  • Embedding social value throughout design, contracts and tenant operations
  • Our measurement criteria often uses TOMs, Realworth or Framework depending on the suitability to the project and partner requirements

Governance: Open + Accountable

We operate in an open and clear way, giving full transparency to all our processes and policies. Our board is committed to our sustainable and social principles and continues to embed these into our organisation through values based recruitment, training and CPD. Our people are accountable and have the responsibility and autonomy to see through our commitments and actions at every stage of our developments.