7 November 2019

IKEA concept store goes from strength to strength in Zubiarte, Bilbao

The ‘IKEA Design’ concept store at Milligan development Zubiarte, Bilbao is going from strength to strength. Less than a year after opening, IKEA has further committed to the scheme. It is looking to expand its unique home design concept to further enhance the customer experience and meet customer’s needs, creating an area close to the car park where shoppers can return to collect orders, after creating their bespoke room designs alongside design specialists in-store.

IKEA is in the middle of a big transition to expand beyond its out of town warehouse model, to smaller stores in city centres. The design concept which majors on having IKEA experts on hand to assist customers in every aspect of creating their perfect living space also offers home visits as part of this consultation. The Swedish furniture giant opened more city stores than flagship stores last year in a move which reflects changes in shopping habits and the desire for more convenience.

Xavi Alemany, Director Asset Management for Milligan Spain said; “Zubiarte is well located and attracts a wealthy demographic of shopper. Our customers want great service, convenience, a personal approach and good value, so it’s easy to see why this new generation of IKEA is doing so well here”.

IKEA, Zubiarte opened in December 2018, after the €8 million refurbishment of Zubiarte.