14 September 2020

In conversation with Alan Fogarty, Partner at Cundall: The vision for sustainable tourism at the Gateway at PEAK.

As part of the Gateway at PEAK development team, we’ve appointed Cundall, sustainability engineers, to work alongside our Head of Development. We speak to partner Alan Fogarty about why this is such a standout project.

“One of the Gateway’s sustainable goals will be to operate with complete transparency on a number of pre-defined, industry standard metrics, sharing these with stakeholders and visitors.  Any offsetting of energy will be minimised and if unavoidable will be done on site or locally.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to create an ultra-sustainable building at a time when the industry is crying out for practical examples of what Net Zero Carbon Buildings should look like, and we are very excited to be a part of it.

“Working with Milligan has already been a unique experience. We’ve been brought into the Gateway at PEAK project at a critical stage, helping to shape the ‘statement of needs’ and project aspirations. Normally, we respond to a brief, arriving once it’s been written, we don’t help write it! But by participating in the briefing process in this way, we are ensuring to properly factor in each element of sustainability, allowing for the time and resources needed, rather than just paying lip service to it retrospectively.

“The challenge when working on a purely commercial building is that the real focus is always flexibility, the focus of a school, for example is functionality. The Gateway will focus on delivering something that is genuinely sustainable at its heart – a building that truly performs. And genuine performance is not just about compliance and building regulations. The Gateway’s natural location in the Peak District means we can welcome all the biophilic opportunities and integrate them into the visitor experience.

“At this stage of the project we’re not only thinking about energy consumption and transportation, but embrace energy, water conservation and health and well-being too. We’re also considering how the building might need to adapt to climate change and perhaps warmer summers in the future and how it creates real social value for the community it serves and the people that work there.

“Crucially, performance is all about setting transparent targets that are visible to everyone who is connected with the Gateway at PEAK. This is something Cundall is very experienced in doing and where we can add a lot of value on a long-term basis.

“It’s also important to us that sustainability addresses the local need. Where it makes sense, we will be utilising local supply chains, buying into the local economy and helping local businesses. We’ll also be getting our contractors to think about apprenticeships for long term career opportunities for young people rather than just work-experience.

“This project will be one of the first Net Zero Carbon Buildings in the UK, as defined by the UK Green Building Council, and its green credentials will include low-emission building materials and sustainable design principles in order to maximise carbon reduction. It will also promote health and well-being activities like walking, cycling and alternative modes of transport that will have a positive impact on local air quality and make it a shining example of sustainable development.”

To learn more about the project please visit www.thegatewayatpeak.com or contact Melanie@milliganltd.com