4 May 2021

John Milligan joins Demos research round table for ‘Everyday Places’

Cross-party think tank Demos recently recruited John Milligan as part of a round table to explore the early implications of its new research. The Demos ‘place’ project surveyed twenty thousand people to explore the gap between people’s individual everyday needs for their area and how they rated their actual provision. The feedback received from the round table was incorporated into the overall report entitled Everyday Places.

It found that improving local shops was the most important regeneration priority – particularly in more built-up places.

John said; “Resources like the Demos research are more invaluable than ever as developers and local authorities try to reshape local areas and build amenities for the communities they serve. The starting point should always be research and asking them what they want.”

Legal & General sponsored the research.

Read the report here

Check out the results for where you live, or indeed for any constituency in Britain

Report results