21 April 2020

Milligan Life Under Lockdown: Mike Anderson

Next up in our Life Under Lockdown series, it’s Chief Investment Officer, Mike Anderson.

What’s your working from home set up?

I’m lucky enough to have a separate working office, but I drive the family crazy walking around the house when I’m on calls. Apparently I’m not very good at staying still!

It’s also nice doing a few calls from the garden when the sun is shining. Wouldn’t the whole lockdown have been so much harder in the rain?

Have you dedicated any lockdown time to learning a new skill?

No new hobbies, but we’re all working on new culinary techniques. Food plays a big part in our house and cooking is definitely one of the things that brings us all together. Eating fresh and local and cutting down on food waste is such a good discipline for us all. This time has definitely made us more sustainably creative.

What’s the best and most challenging thing about working from home?

The best thing about being at home is having more time to spend with the family rather than the commute sitting on the Metropolitan Line. A challenge was getting used to the calls on Teams and Zoom, as well as the mobile, instead of face to face meetings. We’re such a people industry so we’re now relying on tech to maintain, generate and build relationships.

What are you reading at the moment?

From a work perspective there’s no shortage of reading material and all at team Milligan are busy digesting the mountain of information on the pandemic and forming our view of it’s likely implications for our industry going forward. Other than that, I’ve started the History of Surfing by Matt Warshaw. It’s a great read and the definitive book on the subject (but I’ll need a few more weeks in lockdown to get through all 500 pages!)

What are you listening to when working from home?

My Tom Walker playlist is on Spotify at the moment.

What’s your snack and drink of choice?

We’ve been making a few snacks between us. This week was flapjacks. Next week we might even try something healthy! A Gin & Tonic in the sunshine at the end of the day is certainly the household favourite.

To speak to Mike about new new business opportunities drop him a line at mike@milliganltd.com Having mastered multiple communication technologies, we’re very much open for business as usual, even in these challenging times.