30 April 2020

Milligan Life Under Lockdown: Xavi Alemany

Xavi Alemany, Director of Asset Management for Milligan Spain tells us what working life is like under lockdown in Barcelona.

What’s your working from home set up?

Always working from our bedroom, with my wife. I had to borrow a table from my son’s bedroom, for my laptop although a bigger screen would help! My wife starts work at 8.00am and I start around 9.00am after a walk with the dog. We stop to have lunch at 2.00pm, and I cook. We’re working again from 15.30 until 7.00 or 8.00pm. Then ready for the NHS clapping at 8.00pm, followed by another god walk. We have fixed a working time for the children 11.00am to 1.30pm and then 4.00pm to 6.00pm.

Have you dedicated any lockdown time to learning a new skill?

No, but I’ve connected to quote a few webinars (CBRE, Esade Business School, Broadway Malyan) and some of them have been quite interesting. I’ve tried some new home fitness exercises…

What’s the best and most challenging thing about working from home?

I’m used to working from home, so for me it’s much the same. The challenging thing is homeschooling the children at the same time!

What are you reading at the moment?

Something to Tell You by Hanif Kureishi and enjoying watching The last Dance (Netflix) about Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls.

What are you listening to when working from home?

The radio, news mostly.

What’s your snack and drink of choice?

Simply coffee when working.