7 October 2021

Milligan partners with Bioregional to deliver ambitious sustainability strategy.

We’re pleased to announce that we have appointed charity and social enterprise Bioregional, as a strategic partner to help deliver our corporate sustainability and ESG plans.

In recent years Milligan has made commitments to put people, the planet and purpose at the core of our operation, adopting ESG policies to lead the way on the path to Net Zero Carbon.

By partnering with Bioregional, a charity and social enterprise founded in 1994, we are securing this commitment, developing our own targets and frameworks which will go beyond the regulatory minimum, consider the long impact of developments, and change the focus of decision making.

One of our major developments is the Gateway at PEAK, an ambitious project which aims to be an exemplar in sustainable tourism, pushing boundaries in construction and operations as it welcomes visitors to the Peak District National Park. The key purpose of the Gateway is to act as a transport interchange, transitioning people from their cars to less polluting modes of transport as they travel onward into the park.

John Naylor, Milligan’s head of sustainability said; “Today ESG and an urgent focus on sustainability is rightly at the top of all agendas. It’s always been a consideration for us, but now it’s central to decision making. At PEAK we’re working with the University of Derby to develop innovative thinking which focusses on the whole life of the development. The key principle behind the development is to protect the natural environment too. Here we are not only considering the how, but also the why. Gateway exists to reduce carbon emissions.

“Appointing Bioregional means we will be operating with full transparency at a corporate level and ensuring that data is available for us to report on our progress and achieve accreditation. As well as reducing embodied and operational carbon we will look to develop nature-based solutions which benefit communities for a long time to come.”

Claire Brady, Sustainability Consultant at Bioregional commented on the aligned interests of Bioregional and Milligan; “Milligan is committed to revitalising town centres and mixed-use destinations, redefining their purpose for today’s communities. That principle speaks to the heart of the work we do at Bioregional – living within the means of our planet and creating social value by prioritising people, health and wellness.

Pictured: John Naylor (Milligan) Claire Brady, Chloe Joyeux, Alice Levett (Bioregional)


About Bioregional

Bioregional was founded as a charity and social enterprise in 1994 by Sue Riddlestone and Pooran Desai, two environmental entrepreneurs based in South London, who wanted to develop more sustainable ways of living.

We created our One Planet Living framework in 2003 from our experiences of planning and working with others to develop the multi-award-winning BedZED eco-village in South London, where our headquarters is still based.

Using this learning, we provide a range of sustainability consultancy services that make it easier for people to live sustainable lives within the planet’s boundaries by:

  • helping major developers create pioneering eco-communities
  • supporting businesses, including retailers, to create sustainable products and services

Our on-the-ground experience and creative thinking now spans five continents.