11 August 2022

Milligan’s Paul Hanegraaf ‘asks better questions’ at the SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking Symposium 2022

Milligan’s Creative Navigator, Paul Hanegraaf delivered a keynote last week at the SEGD Wayfinding + Placemaking symposium. The virtual event brought experiential designers together from across the globe to draw insight from projects such as airports, education campuses, corporate headquarters and public spaces reflecting on the design through a rapidly shifting cultural lens.

Paul spoke about the need to ‘ask better questions’, taking an approach more open to learning and innovation as cultural and socioeconomic dynamics shift at a never before seen pace.

Paul also spoke about technology driving ‘micromoments’ and how those opportunities for new commerce could be woven into physical spaces, keeping experience and discovery for the consumer at the forefront and how to use behaviour as a critical metric.

Read more about Paul, his role and areas of interest here.