14 February 2022

A word from the COO

There’s been a lot going on at Milligan HQ since 2022 kicked off. Identifying and creating the right mix of uses combined with inspiring placemaking is the key to the long term revitalisation and regeneration of our towns and cities. A balanced mix of uses based on the demands and needs of a particular place will not always be the most profitable in the short term so collaboration between the public and private sectors will be key to providing lasting value for both communities and investors. Residential has an important role to play but it’s not the panacea. Providing different types of residential accommodation are also an important part of the solution. Economic, Social, Environmental, and Commercial value need to evaluated as part of viability equation.

Today we’re working with local authorities in Ashford, Chesterfield, Sunderland and Swansea with the central theme of creating safe, rich, unique destinations and experiences which rekindle civic pride. We’re also working with Shopping Centre owners to identify options and deliverable solutions to ‘right-size’ their retail and leisure propositions. Often this will mean redeveloping or repurposing parts or all of the asset.

In 2021, we asked for feedback from those in the industry who know us well. Everyone recognised our evolution to rounded mixed-use developers with a passion for retail and leisure. They also recognised our expertise, creativity, and innovation, the strength of our team, and our collaborative approach. Last year, we made a number of new hires, helping to diversify and add depth to our team. We want to be an inspiring place to work and an environment that promotes integrity, respect, and diversity.

Both retail and leisure have been through hard times recently but we’re now beginning to see the true entrepreneurial spirit of both again. Market conditions are now allowing independents and new propositions to take a foothold in the centres of our towns and cities creating an array of shops, cafes, restaurants, leisure, and cultural experiences that better reflect the identity of a place, moving us away from the clone towns of the last 20 years.

We’ve also been working hard behind the scenes to make our sustainability policies more accountable. With the UN’s SDGs and science based targets at their heart, our ESG plans are driving decision making in a way like never before. Sustainable, low-impact and community based concepts like CreativeTrade are our vision for the future of ‘in person’ commerce and retail. Our work at the Gateway at PEAK is a flagship project, not only because of its commitment to Net Zero but because it exists to reduce carbon emissions in the Peak District National Park, where growing tourism has become a problem.

For us, ESG is not just about asking how we should take on and deliver a new development, but fundamentally asking why.

In a new world where we like many others are playing our part in how we build back better, our modus operandi continues… Balancing wisdom and curiosity, creativity and innovation and deploying partnerships to best effect, we create inspiring places with heart.

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