22 October 2015

Testimonial from Richard Payne, Creative Director at Cogent Elliot, Mailbox’s advertising agency

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Birmingham has undergone something of a renaissance over the past few years, transforming itself into a truly cosmopolitan and vibrant city. Yes, you heard me correctly. Birmingham.

Ambitious projects and landmark buildings seem to spring up at every turn. Whether it’s Europe’s largest, and arguably coolest public library, the newly installed metro system or Grand Central and the recently reborn New Street station. The city exudes excitement.

Sitting at the heart of these developments, a significant jewel in an already impressive crown, is the new Mailbox.

Now, I like an ambitious plan as much as the next man, but when Milligan Retail, the owner and developer behind the Mailbox, showed us their plans I had to ask; could they pull this off?

The answer? A resounding yes. The new Mailbox is simply stunning.

From its glass roofed Urban Room, home to some of retail’s top brands, through to the innovative Everyman Cinema, every note is pitch perfect.

So, how do you market such a captivating experience?

Three simple words. Life Made Beautiful.

Everything about the new Mailbox is expressed in these three words.

To begin with, the building, and the environment that visitors will experience, has been literally transformed. The Mailbox itself is made beautiful like never before. More importantly, everything about this new incarnation will contribute to a more beautiful life. Be it clothes, jewellery, hair and cosmetics, dining or independent cinema – it’s all about enhanced style, a superior experience and ultimately, a life made beautiful.

Alongside the line, the images we’ve produced take their inspiration from the world of dance and stage. In a sense the theatre itself is a heightened interpretation of reality, with dance expressing movement in the most beautiful way possible. It fits perfectly with the idea that the new Mailbox will deliver an experience that’s second to none.

In the end the only way is to judge for yourself and pay a visit. You won’t be disappointed. Because there’s no doubt in my mind that the new Mailbox gives this vibrant, confident city the luxury shopping experience it deserves.

Source: Richard Payne from Cogent Elliott