28 September 2020

Watch our new film: Inspiring places with heart

Today we launched our new film: Inspiring places with heart.

Here’s a word from the CEO…

“The purpose of our towns and cities was evolving before the pandemic and Milligan was responding to these changes. This year’s events however have been more of a revolution, certainly much more than anyone could have foreseen and we like others have been taking time to consider our response. There is now an urgent need for some fresh thinking and leadership in the repurposing of failing shopping centres and high streets. At Milligan, we see these massive challenges as remarkable opportunities and we are determined to play our part in transforming places so that they better meet the needs of people to live well and prosper.

So to that end, I am pleased to share with you our new video that gives an insight into our experience and ambition.”

John Milligan, CEO – September 2020