CreativeTrade is an omni-channel commercial business catering to independent makers and emerging brands in the UK.

CreativeTrade provides the new maker with serviced studios, apprentices, business support, marketing and retailing opportunities. CreativeTrade gives customers access to local and unique talents and crafted goods, and the opportunity to gain fresh experiences by engaging with independent brands and makers who pique their passions. CreativeTrade fosters authenticity, awareness of provenance and a more sustainable and ethical way to shop for new goods.

There is a now a commonplace interest in making and in purchasing handmade objects, direct from the people who make them. There is also a growing community of makers, entrepreneurs, passioneers and those pursuing the portfolio career, turning their creativity into commerce. Social media shopping pages and digital platforms like Etsy are enabling a new generation of crafters and makers, to find their customers in an online world. With CreativeTrade we will bring them together physically too. To share, learn and shop. Together they will create the next generation of retail, grounded in experience and unique to every destination.

Across the UK, the number of people buying craft is now 37.7m.

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