National Park Gateway; Retail; F&B; Park & Ride; Outdoor and Activity Centre

Milligan has formed a joint venture to develop the UK’s first National Park Gateway.

The Gateway at PEAK is set to become an exemplar for sustainable tourism. We have appointed Cundall as key advisors on sustainability to the project. The Gateway at PEAK will be part of PEAK Resort, which has planning permission for 2,000 hotel rooms and 250 lodges, as well as a whole range of leisure, education and entertainment facilities.

One of the key aims of the Gateway at PEAK is to manage visitors and access to the Park safely and in an environmentally friendly way, offering park and ride facilities, reducing traffic and congestion.

The partnership, led by Milligan, is currently undertaking a major marketing and research phase discussing the opportunity with companies both large and small, local and national that might be interested in participating. They will be looking to create partnerships with brands that align with the Gateway’s values and vision, to integrate products, experiences and expertise into the delivery of a world-class visitor experience.

Recently, further partners have been appointed to work on the Gateway at PEAK. Stanton Williams, DN Consultancy, RDS Global and Gillespies, are working with Milligan alongside the strategic partners to define this once in a lifetime project.