Strategic Property Partner across UK and Europe


Ferrovial Vertiports


Airports, Transport Hubs, Urban Centres

In a race not seen since the days of the Wright Brothers, innovative companies are rapidly designing, developing, and seeking certification of electrical vertical take-off and landing aircraft (EVOTL) that will forever change urban transportation, utilising technology that will ensure passengers are transported in a safe, quiet, and sustainable way.

Ferrovial Vertiports UK has partnered with Milligan to collaborate in the development of vertiport networks all around the UK. Milligan is acting as Ferrovial Vertiports Strategic Development Partner by identifying demand rich locations, selecting potential sites and carrying out assessment criteria in order determine the viability of each site for EVOTL urban air mobility.

Locations are identified with Ferrovial’s insightful, and data led demand model and the team at Milligan is deploying its rich understanding of the UK’s property market in order to build a pipeline for the first Vertiports.

Milligan is building and delivering a coherent property strategy for Ferrovial Vertiports where the business idea will be introduced and pitched to both internal and external stakeholders in the pipeline locations identified.

Ferrovial Group was founded in 1952 and is one of the world’s leading transportation infrastructure developers and operators with an express commitment to developing sustainable solutions. Ferrovial Airports over the last 20 years has invested, developed and operated 34 airports around the globe. Ferrovial Airports currently has invested in and manages four airports with annual passengers exceeding 94.5 million and over 665,000 operations, prior to the pandemic.