6 January 2020

A New Year message from the CEO

“It’s with vigour and excitement that the Milligan team is approaching the New Year, seeing it as a welcome watershed to turn insight into action following the dramatic happenings impacting our sector in the late 2010s.

“Retail in some quarters has become a toxic word linked to failure, empty shops, unattractive high streets and shopping centres. To us at Milligan it is still the world’s number one leisure pursuit. It is a dynamic, constantly evolving business engaging with its lifeblood, the customer. In the last few decades there has been a trend to institutionalise and commoditise retail which has resulted in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to our retail places. This is undoubtedly a race to the bottom with no long-term winners. Business rates, the internet and customers’ demands for a better experience have subsequently had a devastating effect on the physical retail landscape. The status quo has been destroyed and out of the ashes are arising some incredible opportunities that the retailers and developers of tomorrow are seizing.

“Great retailers and developers know it’s about a true insight into their customers’ needs and wants, creating an experience that, as necessity matches and at best exceeds this expectation. It has always been the most important thing to get right and maybe today the market is starting to rediscover it.”

John Milligan, CEO Milligan.