30 January 2023

Stuart Harris joins panel at BEN Welsh Development Conference

Last week, Milligan’s CEO joined a panel as part of the Built Environment Networking’s Welsh Development Conference. Talking through Milligan’s approach to regeneration and focussing on our JV with Urban Splash in Swansea, Stuart highlighted some of the key issues facing many towns and city centres, not just in Wales but across the UK.

“Many towns and cities have old shopping centres which block the natural urban grain. We need to understand the ownership which is often fragmented. We then carry out research into the various uses so that we can understand the demographic. We help identify what it’s missing and what it needs.

“Health, wellness, commerce, culture, leisure, works and living space are all what contribute to making a vibrant place. We then look at how we integrate those uses into existing or new buildings.

“Defining success is a combination of assessing environmental, economic, social and commercial value along with a realistic timescale and creating short, medium and long term visions.”

Talking about our project in Swansea, Stuart said; “We want to bring great quality living and workspaces there. The intention is to deliver the project in several phases, including the repurposing of St David’s Shopping Centre which will include a public sector hub, public sector workspace, public realm with complementary uses, aiming for net zero carbon across all buildings.”