5 April 2023

Stuart Harris discusses Milligan’s role in regenerating the Waterfront City during Swansea Conference

Stuart Harris, Milligan’s CEO, spoke as part of the regeneration update at the annual Swansea Conference last week, praising Swansea as a Council for its ability to get things done.

“We see a lot of councils across the UK, talking about regeneration projects, but a lot of it is talk, a lot of it is pictures. We’re actually seeing action in Swansea,” he said.

He said that a key strand joining many new city centre projects together is the Ffordd I’r Mor route – the route to the sea, which will be a vehicle free route from Oxford Street all the way to the beach front.

Discussing several new buildings planned for the St Davids area of the city, he said that Milligan is already receiving enquiries from companies that want to relocate to the area.

He also highlighted plans to build a new public sector hub, which it’s hoped will be the first fully timber building in Wales.

In addition to this, he highlighted ambitions to create a makers’ hub in the St David’s centre, including modular studios and a makers’ emporium.

“One of my colleagues has been touring the Welsh makers community, and without exception, everybody’s been extremely positive and excited about the potential that this could deliver in Swansea,” he said. “What we’re looking at is something that becomes a regional draw for Swansea, and complements some of the offers that we’ve got already.”

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