4 March 2020

The entertainment experience turning the genre of Cinema on its head

A few weeks ago friends and guests of Milligan were welcomed to Capital Studios in Wandsworth, where the young, creative cinema brand Backyard Cinema has made its home. They started out quite literally in a back yard and grew to be part of Camden Lock Market’s vibrant entertainment scene, during Milligan’s ownership and transformation of the market space. Here they hosted after-market movie nights under the stars, with street food, deck chairs, bean bags and themeing which brought each cinematic world to life in the market itself.

Today, they have welcomed over 100k guests to Capital Studios in just a few months since opening and have their sights set on new venues with unique spaces where they can develop new concepts and host even more sell-out screenings.

Dominic Davies, one of the founders and Backyard Cinema’s creative director believes they are offering visitors something special. “Many visitors travel for up to an hour to get here – the whole experience is so unique. We’ve also brought something special to Wandsworth and the locals enjoy having us as an attraction that’s part of their community. Making our home somewhere like this, we can control the whole experience and train our teams to deliver the very best customer service.”

John Milligan said; “We’ve been really proud to partner with Backyard and watch with interest as they go on and grow their offer in new locations. Like retail, cinema has changed in recent years – subscription services and ageing cinemas means a growing number of people will favour movie nights at home. But the guys at Backyard are shaking that up. They create magical, multi-sensory worlds and have upped the anti with the F&B. The ticket sales speak for themselves!”

To find out more about Backyard Cinema drop John a line or visit their website.