17 January 2023

Milligan’s ESG Commitment: Progress in 2022

Milligan is on a journey to net zero with inherently sustainable, future- proofed, low energy schemes bringing benefits for the longer term to the environment, to societies and to communities.

Across the real estate development cycle, we are working to enrich urban communities, deliver inspiring buildings and spaces, provide heartfelt social change, and protect and enhance the natural environment.

Over the past year we have been working to progress on our ESG commitments.

Below are 5 highlights from the past year:

1.      Committing to change

This year Milligan Ltd joined UK Green Building Council, a membership network working to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment. We are joining the unified voice of our industry’s current and future leaders who are striving to realise meaningful transformation in response to the planetary emergency.

To support our ESG Commitments, we are committed to measuring and publishing our full carbon footprint baseline in 2023. This will be accompanied by a carbon reduction target aligned with what the science is telling us is needed for a 1.5°C future.

2.      Gateway at PEAK trials zero carbon tourist access to the Peak District National Park

Milligan’s forthcoming Gateway at PEAK project is leading a pioneering zero-carbon transport trial in the Peak District National Park. The trail is a collaborative effort between attractions, transport operators, Chesterfield Borough Council and Toyota and supports an ambition to create a zero-carbon tourism transport system in the Peak District.

It’s the first time EV and hydrogen vehicles have been trialled together as the project aims to explore alternatives to fossil fuels and gather feedback on customer experience.

Once fully operating, PEAK Express at the Gateway alone, aims to remove 500,000 tourism journeys from the National Park, reducing CO2 emissions by 3.6 million kg pa and provide a national exemplar of sustainable visitor economy growth. The long-term ambition is to see multiple hubs located around the Peak District National Park boundary.

PEAK Express is planned to be fully operational as part of the Gateway at PEAK Resort, due to open in Spring 2025.

3.      Creating social value

We have created a new Social Value Manifesto which will sit within our overarching ESG Strategy. At the heart of our Social Value Policies, which affect the way we plan and develop our projects, we deliver on social commitments which are reliant on the actions, efforts and support of our people.

Our commitments of support and added value will focus on the areas, towns and cities of our projects allowing us to concentrate our efforts for better impact. We will work alongside, partners, clients and local authorities to identify the charities, projects and initiatives where:

  • Funds raised by the Milligan Foundation will make a meaningful contribution
  • Each year Milligan team member will commit at least 2-3 working days towards a volunteer scheme supporting the places where our projects are based.

The Milligan Foundation

The Foundation will be a grant giving entity. In raising funds, it will identify charities and projects to award grants. We are starting the process of applying for charitable foundation status from the Charities Commission and developing its structure and governance.

Through the Milligan Foundation we further dedicate time from our team across the whole of the company, irrespective of role, to provide added value through volunteered hours outside of the workplace and in the community.

4.      Promoting sustainable transport

To help us reduce our impact, we have created a new Travel and Transport policy to reduce unnecessary travel and set standards for travel modes. Our ambition is to monitor and mitigate the travel related emissions of the vehicles we own and operate as a company, and any travel linked within our developments.  This will help us:

  • Reduce the distances travelled for business purposes
  • Reduce tCO2e from travel
  • Increase the proportion of the business travelling using sustainable modes of transport
  • Measure our full carbon footprint and develop carbon reduction targets

A new expenses process will allow staff to estimate the carbon impact of their journeys. The goal is to empower team members to take sensible decisions about what is ultimately best for the environment.  In basic terms, this might mean asking simple questions and discussing options with other team members, for example:

  • Do I need to take this journey? Is it possible for the meeting/visit to be done virtually? Or along side another trip that is taking place?
  • Can I pool travelling with any other members of the team? Or rearrange the working week so that this might be possible?

In 2023, we are committing to measure our full carbon footprint and develop carbon reduction targets. Our Travel and Transport policy will help ensure we meet this commitment, monitoring and mitigating our travel related emissions.

5.      Creating our Sustainable Development Framework

As a very small team, often working remotely, based in shared office space or at our project sites, Nationwide, the impact of our corporate operation is quite small. That’s why, for us the most important impact we can make is through our projects. We have now created a sustainable development framework, which allows us to work alongside our partners in a bespoke ways aiming for Net Zero and using innovation to drive standards throughout our projects. More details here.

Our progress in 2022 has been reviewed and audited by Bioregional.